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Winkler, M. (2013). Proceedings of the 'Great Global Cosmetic Summit', Copenhagen, Denmark, 13-14 September 2012. Retrieved on 29 May 2014, from Book A: Generally speaking, most cosmetic and other chemicals that you put into your body are stored in your liver and kidneys. They then get recycled back into the blood. So, even if the chemical somehow gets into your body in significant quantities, they are still generally not stored in your fat. As long as your liver and kidneys are healthy, you don't have any problem. It is possible that your immune system could be disturbed by a particular chemical and over a long period of time this could eventually have some impact on your fat levels. The impact of chemicals that are stored in your fat and are released into your blood could be much greater than that of chemicals that only come in contact with the top of your skin. This is because the chemicals in your fat are not only released into your blood, but also into your lymphatic and your circulatory system. Note that there are exceptions. Some chemicals are stored in fat, though not in significant amounts. For example, some herbicides and pesticides are stored in fat, though it is not likely that they accumulate to a significant level. So, if you read the literature, you will get a sense of how healthy your body is, but also of which chemicals are stored in your fat, and which not. Uncategorized No one really knows how each of us read. We see characters when we read, but we see them different ways. We can’t know how they see it. But sometimes we can get an idea of how they think about what they read. I am not sure how often I look at what I read but I am […] Getting an idea for a book is hard. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to come to me and I have to think of a genre or a story type and then the idea starts to come to me and then I have to sit with it and let it come to me.




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