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Shatru Bengali Movie Free Download [2022]




The film is inspired by the 1947 Hollywood film Double Indemnity. The film is now in the national award for all the best films of all the year. Plot The film opens with the protagonist, Sugata (Jeet), waking up in bed. His double is one Dr. Hirendra Khan (Supriyo Dutta). Sugata wakes up to find that his wife, Shibani (Nusrat Jahan) has left. With all the money he has, he decides to go to Bombay to find his wife. However, he ends up in a situation where he has no money. He is accompanied by a corrupt inspector, Alok Rajbanshi (Anupam Kher), who passes himself as a CBI officer. Sugata gets a job in Dubai. Meanwhile, Shibani has returned to Kolkata from a trip to visit her parents. Sugata comes to know about Shibani's return. He goes to her house where she is staying. Shibani is furious at him for not meeting her at her parents' house and hits him, thereby making a scene. She then tells him that their marriage is over. Sugata takes her to a motel and attempts suicide. He shoots himself, but survives. The doctor he was earlier kidnapped by the inspector arrives, and Sugata is brought to the hospital. Later, Shibani gives a phone call to her father, who tells her that Sugata's brother has arrived. The next day, Sugata is taken to the airport to board a flight to India. There is a family meeting at the airport, where Shibani's father tells her that Sugata has run away from Dubai. Shibani begs her father to call her husband, and he does. But the inspector tells her that Sugata is really dead. Shibani is distraught, and goes to the police. The inspector asks her to go and meet Sugata. He then makes it look like an accident. The next day, Sugata wakes up in the hospital, but soon finds out that Shibani has not come to meet him. He realizes that the inspector has taken the blame for his death. After a couple of days, the inspector comes to the hospital and is furious with Sugata for killing himself. He says that Sugata is no longer an orphan, and all his money and properties are under his name. He tells him that Shibani has been returned to him. The inspector then brings him to the CBI office and asks him to




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