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Download Youtube App For Nintendo 3ds ===> DOWNLOAD

Download Youtube App For Nintendo 3ds ===> DOWNLOAD

Apr 28, 2019 Safari version 4.3 for IOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6 and iOS 5 compatible but not yet compatible. FIXED in iOS version 8.3.3 for iOS 8 (fully compatible). Jun 24, 2019 Please get YouTube on your 3DS to finally fix the problem of not being able to change the focus in in some YouTube videos. Apr 7, 2019 YouTube for 3DS app now available on Nintendo eShop:. (from a Reader) Jul 19, 2019 Has anyone had issues trying to download the YouTube app from the eShop? Jun 10, 2019 So I was really excited to see that there was an actual YouTube app released for my 3DS. I updated to version 3.2.1 from the 1.3.2 release. When I opened the YouTube app to watch videos on it, it took me to the login screen that. Oct 21, 2019 Youtube on 3ds is working now on my iphone and 3ds When i power on my 3ds and search for youtube or browse any video it opens the youtube app on my iphone and i can watch video online then when i come to my 3ds it does the same thing it opens the phone youtube app and i can watch videos online Dec 10, 2019 With iOS 12, the YouTube App has been removed from the App Store. You can still download the iOS version, though, and use the app on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 12. May 13, 2017 Hi guys, the YouTube App for 3DS is now free, on the App Store! It gives you an option to get the 3D version,. Jun 24, 2019 youtube app 3ds freezes and shows the error(error created Jun 27, 2019 im on n.w.i i updated my 1.3.5 firmware...and youtube app is freeze (red screen ) when i click on any music in your phone it changes focus on the video on Youtube. to sum up, I want to install YouTube app on my 3DS Nov 25, 2019 Here is a video of it working on my 3DS!. (from a reader) Jun 16, 2019 Iphone YouTube apps freeze youtube videos on my 3DS they can only play until it reaches the end then it freezes Aug 18,